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Potomac Run
About Us
We have been breeding Golden Retrievers since 1995 and
Great Danes since 2003. Our females are bred once a year,
usually in late winter.  The puppies are born in mid spring
with a typical litter having eight to ten puppies.  The puppies
are raised in a centralized area of our home and they get A
LOT of attention.  As they are weaned and their space
requirement increases, they are given the opportunity to play
outdoors.  When they are eight weeks old, late May to early
July, the puppies are ready to go home with their new

We select beautiful champions to sire our puppies.  Our
females and their mates are selected based on their
temperament, health and beauty.  They have heart, hip, and
eye clearances and the Danes also have a thyroid clearance.  
Our Goldens and Danes have no known health or allergy
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Our Goldens and Danes
are members of our
family and they receive
our love and attention.  
We are located in
Potomac, Maryland.  
Many of our pictures
were taken along the
C&O canal in Great Falls
Park, Maryland. Our
puppies are socialized in
the park once they have
their first shots. Whether
you are interested in a
puppy or not, Great Falls
Park is a beautiful place
to visit.  The Virginia
side is just as
wonderful.  I was an
Oakton, Virginia resident
for several years.  

I am a Michigander and
my husband Bob was
born in Boston and
raised in Indiana.  Our
three children were born
and raised in Maryland.  
We love it here.